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Mindre visuelt rod, fører til mindre mentalt rod og det er essentielt, når vi snakker kontormiljøer. Vi har omfavnet den grund idé og designet vores kontor serie, der udnytter enkeltheden og skaber dermed produktive arbejdsområder. 

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7 produkter

Minimalistify your bathroom

Minimalistic bathroom accessories with a raw twist and an original design.

Add a touch of luxury to your home, starting with your bathroom. Regardless of taste, this secluded space is a perfect spot for some much-needed modern minimalism. NICHBA has created a line of bathroom products filled with simplicity and calmness, where functionality is moved forward and abundance backwards. Shop products for your shower, toilet, sink and more.

NICHBA presents BATHROOM: our collection in line with the latest bathroom trends, with a strong focus on wellbeing and design. BATHROOM furniture from NICHBA combines attention with aesthetic detail and functional needs to create a solid foundation for a clean and beautiful bathroom. It has never been easier to furnish an elegant, functional bathroom with great, Danish design.

Smooth lines in a bathroom are clean, calming and restful. It has a peaceful effect on the eye and is the perfect way to start and end your day. Your bathroom is your sanctuary. Calm design creates a calm mind.

What are your bathroom essentials? A towel hanger, a toilet paper holder, some bath hooks, a bath shelf, and a mirror? We agree – and we have bent it in steel for you. With focus on a timeless design, we have created the framework for the perfect bathroom with genuine craftsmanship that that will last a lifetime. These are our bathroom essentials.